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2010-02-19 11:05:02 by curriemaster

Hello, Im sort of back!

Ive been away getting my doctorate organised and initialised. Hope to be posting some new tunes after I get the software on my new computer sorted.

I heart you.


My goodness!

2009-07-04 06:28:34 by curriemaster

Don't you look lovely today!

Dragonfruit porn

2009-06-06 13:00:41 by curriemaster

Enough said.

Dragonfruit porn

Candy Zoo!

2009-04-26 20:12:56 by curriemaster

Candy Zoo came second in the latest Monthly Audio Contest on the Audio Portal. Thanks to all the judges and to Tom for the prizes woooooo.

Also, a friend came across an actual company (selling "Gourmet Chocolate English Toffee no less!) called Candy Zoo when searching for the song. According to the testimonials, they sell to Jack Osbourne and Jessica Alba amongst Mmmm...Jessica Alba.....

Candy Zoo!


2009-04-01 07:38:55 by curriemaster

Bow down to our new Red masters, the day of victory is upon us! I will trade you your wife for this partially eaten coconut.


I am a child of muzak

2009-03-31 12:54:37 by curriemaster

My latest tune is also my MAC9 - Whos Your Daddy? submission. Its for kids so keep that in mind!



2009-03-08 09:36:42 by curriemaster

Thats right. Ive turned into a board. Or a bored...I cant remember which...

Fermented Shark

2009-02-04 10:56:47 by curriemaster

Review my MAC9 submissions or youll get a fist full of hakarl for dinner

Hi there sexy

2009-01-18 19:13:12 by curriemaster

New song up go go goooooooooooooooooo


2008-08-18 10:49:19 by curriemaster

I had holidays recently so I did some recording and quite enjoyed myself for the first time in ages. Will try and get some more stuff out rather than being a lazy shite.

I luff you.