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Good use of colour in your sketches, I especially liked the dude dancing next to the fire :P. Also nice work in getting a tune that fits this animation; they compliment each other very well. Looking forward to seeing more!


Hey dude great work, thanks for using my song! :D Cool clips you got here, I really enjoyed the orbiting cow, it was nicely done and subtle. It reminded me of 2001: A Spacecow Odyssey :P Keep it up dude and if you need any more music let me know, I can make custom stuff too!

Imacow responds:

Thanks alot man, if I ever need any music I'll be sure to come to you. You're great.

Great fun

Nice work man, Ive enjoyed watching this one a few times, the Candy Zoo part is hilarious! Thanks for using my track and big congrats on getting daily 2nd :D. Woot!

Battosai810 responds:

Glad you liked it - I really wanted an appropriately silly children's sounding song for that part, and after some digging I came up to Candy Zoo. Thanks for making such an excellent track! That scene wouldn't have worked without you!

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Fun but short-lived

I thought the game was fun, but it got a bit tiresome after a while. I took the advice and kept playing until after wave 10, but even with the introduction of the tanks I was finding the gameplay a bit tedious. The sounds were also quite grating after a while; particularly the screams of the soldiers. A bit of diversity there wouldn't go amiss. However, it was quite a fun and original game, with excellent backgroud scenery to each wave. Well done!

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Evolving and chilled. Nothing more to say, its pretty ledge.

pitbulljones responds:

oh i missed this. cheers mate. just about to post a new tune. thoughts would be welcome

Mate this is a straight up R&B backing track. Send this shit to Tyler the Creator because it is dirty as fuck.

I expect that you guys had a blast recording this one! Awesome.

pitbulljones responds:

Haha. It's potentially r&b. But i see R&B as being proper RHYTHM and BLUES. Not soft hip hop. Blues should hurt y'know. It would suit very well for a rapper or rhymer though.

We had a cracking time recording this...one of those that took all of 30 mins....you know what i'm on about...the 'magic hour' where shit just fucking works. A little side note, I told my mate who did this track with me it will be used in a game within a week it's that good. Guess what happens...it gets used in a game.

My record now stands at about 10 games, 10 animations, 3 films, 50+ youtube vids, 1 xfm play, 1 bbc radio play. 50 podcasts and 1 account of copyright theft.

The mind boggles, i give this shit away for free and yet people still steal shit and claim it as their own.......not this track, an old one, check the dick out out called trippy trev......he's a fucking fat prick

I am really impressed at the quality of your production these days! It genuinely sounds pro.

The bassline again: it sympathetically resonates with my sternum in a very good way. The drums are simple but help drive the track along, the real star are those horns...the envelopes must have taken you ages! I can absolutely hear this as a track in a modern film score.

If I were to add anything personally I might include a bit of piano or other melodic percussion in the last third of the track to create more of a crescendo using different textures...but thats a style thing rather than execution.


pitbulljones responds:

Curriemaster. Just sent you a message explaining some shizz.

That bass....it's a fucking rhodes brah! Who doesn't love a fucking rhodes!!!!! it's simple, basic, but carries the rhythm. Drums....XLN addictive drums. 6/8 motown swing.

Those horns.....yup they are damn good. They are stock from Kontakt, fiddled for the attack, verbed to fuck, then again verbed through valhalla. 20 mins of fucking around, I knew the tone i wanted so just tweaked it to shit.

Film scores are my thing mate, been used in loads of vids, games, animations for the very reason of how 'cinematic' i make my shizz. With regards to your suggestion of melodic percussion...maybe not, but some plucked notation octaved up could work with a bass thump on the beat.

Regardless....get the fuck in touch. and thank you very fucking much for the twattting review you scottish chode.....(love you:))

That is all.

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