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Evolving and chilled. Nothing more to say, its pretty ledge.

pitbulljones responds:

oh i missed this. cheers mate. just about to post a new tune. thoughts would be welcome

Mate this is a straight up R&B backing track. Send this shit to Tyler the Creator because it is dirty as fuck.

I expect that you guys had a blast recording this one! Awesome.

pitbulljones responds:

Haha. It's potentially r&b. But i see R&B as being proper RHYTHM and BLUES. Not soft hip hop. Blues should hurt y'know. It would suit very well for a rapper or rhymer though.

We had a cracking time recording this...one of those that took all of 30 mins....you know what i'm on about...the 'magic hour' where shit just fucking works. A little side note, I told my mate who did this track with me it will be used in a game within a week it's that good. Guess what happens...it gets used in a game.

My record now stands at about 10 games, 10 animations, 3 films, 50+ youtube vids, 1 xfm play, 1 bbc radio play. 50 podcasts and 1 account of copyright theft.

The mind boggles, i give this shit away for free and yet people still steal shit and claim it as their own.......not this track, an old one, check the dick out out called trippy trev......he's a fucking fat prick

I am really impressed at the quality of your production these days! It genuinely sounds pro.

The bassline again: it sympathetically resonates with my sternum in a very good way. The drums are simple but help drive the track along, the real star are those horns...the envelopes must have taken you ages! I can absolutely hear this as a track in a modern film score.

If I were to add anything personally I might include a bit of piano or other melodic percussion in the last third of the track to create more of a crescendo using different textures...but thats a style thing rather than execution.


pitbulljones responds:

Curriemaster. Just sent you a message explaining some shizz.

That bass....it's a fucking rhodes brah! Who doesn't love a fucking rhodes!!!!! it's simple, basic, but carries the rhythm. Drums....XLN addictive drums. 6/8 motown swing.

Those horns.....yup they are damn good. They are stock from Kontakt, fiddled for the attack, verbed to fuck, then again verbed through valhalla. 20 mins of fucking around, I knew the tone i wanted so just tweaked it to shit.

Film scores are my thing mate, been used in loads of vids, games, animations for the very reason of how 'cinematic' i make my shizz. With regards to your suggestion of melodic percussion...maybe not, but some plucked notation octaved up could work with a bass thump on the beat.

Regardless....get the fuck in touch. and thank you very fucking much for the twattting review you scottish chode.....(love you:))

Mate, the production quality on this track is top notch. It sounds like it could be from the soundtrack for 28 Days Later!

I am loving the deep bassline, I can feel the vibrations from the sub in my chest which fits perfectly with the overall tone. Although the the structure is relatively simple the little various touches help it evolve and progress to a conclusion; it does not get boring. The panning was delightful on my setup as well.

I have literally nothing bad to say about this and I will be listening to it again tonight. Really great jerb.

pitbulljones responds:

Currie! You fucking amazing cunt who puts me to shame.

Production is slightly off...lots of peaking erros. I have a v.2.0 which resolves that though. However the AIM, the TRACK. I agree.......it's fucking reet and the dude abides.

Deeps bass, me all over, single note mofo. NEW speakers and new soundcard helped alot, i have flat response now, what goes in goes out.

You think the structure is simple......fuck me! Theres about 16 bastard layers going on at any one time, 12 of which are fucking guitar.....you have a go at mixing that and think its simple hahahahahahahaha.

I used to be a 1 and done when it came to recording, this was done over about a week, 5 of those were the mix. Like i said there is a v2 which i have spent another 5 days and will upload soon.

Thank you so much for the kind words and get the fuck in touch you jick jock

to add....bass was done on a motherfucking EBOW :)


Yo Jon this song is pretty epic, reminds me of some Liquid Tension Experiment (with no keyboard...). The guitar tone is awesome and as has been previously noted the drums are actually pretty kickass. Nice tempo and chord changes make me prog-happy. The middle part is great and makes the reentry back into metal sound pretty kickass. Really good work!

I luv eet.

JonSantiago responds:

LTE is the pwn for sure. Yeah the drums were'nt really a pain in the ass like they usually are lol. i'm just trying to go for the more basic beats rather then trying to make it sound like real drums and all that. Thanks for listening!


Nice one

Aloha Im a bit drunk so Ill keep this short and sweet. I liked your guitar tones, the harmonies were solid and you kept to the rhythm well. The panning was definitely good enough to separate the two guitar parts, I would suggest even centralising them a bit as on headphones I feel like my head is splitting apart trying to listen to them at the same time. Again, Im a bit drunk. Also, at 1:36 and 3:17 the cut is pretty noticeable, same at 3:36...its pretty much mid-riff.

Cool rhythmic variations, this sounds a bit like a prog metal song. Maybe you should try replacing one of the guitar lines with keyboards? :D

Overall very nice guitar playing and good composition. I think it could use some variation in the guitar tone to add another dimension as well as another instrument of some description. Overall nice work :)

By the way I may have forgotten to mention Im a bit drunk. :D 5/5 woooo!

mhb responds:



I like this tune, has a good beat and although the samples are all kinda cheesy MIDI it really works. I liked the bit starting at 1:47, gave a different flavour even though the beat remained unchanged. I used to use ModPlug Tracker myself so I know how time consuming it can be to make a song with a tracker.

Nice work anyway, it would definitely suit an old school side-scroller (I imagine R-Type for some reason...).


Atmospheric and sweet

Hey dude thanks for covering this it turned out really nice. Very smooth atmosphere going on throughout and has a more of a bluegrass feel than the original with the heavy reverb and twang of the guitar. I really enjoyed the percussive hits of the guitar at some points of the song, it would sound great throughout the whole thing. I can hear a bit of computer fan noise, I dunno if thats because you are using a built in mic or something but its a minor point anyway.

Nice work :)

Boux responds:

Yeah man sorry about that quality, its a built in like you say, and Thanks! Glad you let me post a cover of your great song, its much appreciated ;)

Pretty Cool

I dont listen to House music too much on NG, but I liked this tune. Quality samples with good percussion choices. The sidechained (dunno if it actually is sidechained or just pulsing?) bass sounds pretty cool. I thought it was getting pretty stale until 2:08 when your arpeggiator kicks in, which sounds alright. I think this song could do with a bit more of a melody line to keep the treble interesting but again that could be my nubbish knowledge of House.

I kept thinking I was about to hear the "No Shit Sherlock" vox come in with some interesting gating or filters; might be an idea to try that out. Overall well done though! :)

TUNEIT responds:

It's just a pulsing bass, nothing too fancy.
And your idea was great! And about that with the melody, i couldn't make any good melody at al! So i decided to just make a 2 note melody, and i added that pulsy volume in it so it had a little variation.

And thanks a lot man :D


I like this, its catchy in a old school sort of way. I like the guitar is so twangy and staccato during the "verse" parts. The chorus is alright but I see what you mean about the lead having no idea, its a bit all over the place but that does fir in with the rest of the song IMO.

I feel its really missing some bass so I downloaded it and made a bassline just for fun :D. Hope youll be recording some more guitar stuff now!

pitbulljones responds:

how did i not spot this? Yea man twas a simple fuckabout, give me some basssssssssssss la' like pronto, you ever wanna collab hit me up G, guitar is all the way blew my keyboard up and skint so cannae buy a new un. Whats the crack with you? Send some linkage in a pm.

That is all.

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