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Scene Six?

Succulent wail on that guitar right there. It reminds me a lot of some Liquid Tension Experiment or Dream Theater stuff, very Petrucci-esque guitaring in this one. The bass line ties everything together very well. I like it, particularly the beginning; it sets the scene well. Good job!


Metalcan responds:

Thanks, mate! Glad you liked it.

Tasty and Dark


I like it a lot! One of my favourite classical works is Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition; and I think this had a lot of Mussorgsky flavour to it. Very atmospheric, I particularly love the bit with the woodwinds and the pizzicato strings. Excellent touch! I want to hear some more classical from you! Also, cheers for the sig pic mate ;).


Metalcan responds:

Ah, a fellow Mussorgsky fan. Thank you very much for the review! :)


I enjoyed listening to this song. It has the build-ups and breaks in all the right places. The quality of samples you've used are excellent as well; particularly the drum kits, and the little percussive sounds. The orchestral elements add a lot to this song. This song is reminiscent of a few songs by Dieselboy.

Hearing this has made me look into getting Reason, I've been looking it up and it sounds like a powerful program. Well done Zenon :).

PERVOK responds:

Good choice.
I underestimated reason before and after i got the demo, i thought it was too....hard to use.
But, after me and my brother sat down, we figured it out, got the full version, and all i can say is:

Reason is freakin powerful when rewired with FL.

Thanks for the review!


I like your crunchy bass sounds a lot, you've chosen instruments that fit in well together to give a good range of sound in the lower registers. It definitely has a nice, full sound.

However, this does seem like your least polished song; if I had to guess I would say that you spent the least amount of time on this one. Still, it would be fun to have it on some old-school side-scroller or something. You need some Flash artists to visit! Im sure they would be very interested in what they hear :).

Fun drums

I like this piece a lot, its got a slow funk to it; its simple but it keeps you listening. I particularly like the discordant whistling chords. It sound a lot like early Thievery Corporation.

The drums have a good quality to them as well, if they were of lesser build it would detract from the song considerably. I can definetely imagine this as a menu piece.

Also, I noticed in your profile that you have I <3 Huckabees as one of your favourite films. This makes me happy. Good job, John, I look forward to hearing more of your songs as you upload them.

JohnFloyd responds:

Once again, thanks for the comments! That third movie slot was a tough call. If you don't mind older movies I strongly recommend They Might Be Giants, I've never met anyone who's heard of it but it's a wonderfully introspective comedy (it's nothing like Being JM, but they're in the same category) that kicks my ass every time I see it.

Environment Modelling is perfect

Well done again. I used to play the piano at a piano bar in Edinburgh, and I'm pretty sure if I were to take an MD recorder (tape recorders are sooo passe) and record for the night, it would sound exactly like this. Minus the snare edge, ride cymbal and bass.

I particularly enjoyed how you managed to layer the vocals to give an impression of an enclosed space with hard walls...did you use an environment/reverb modeller like Lexicon Pantheon or anything for this? Anyway, it appears you have a great talent for mixing tracks together. Me likey.

JohnFloyd responds:

Thanks for all the comments! I used to play a little jazz piano myself, although not in a bar, that sounds like fun (especially over there... here in the US our bars are boring :P ).

I use Reason, so reverb is all about throwing the ol' RV7000 into the rack and tweaking it until you have the sound you're looking for. Oh, and a little EQ on top of that helps too, I tried to figure out which frequencies would carry best in a restaurant, in the end I just guessed and it came out okay.

Excellent Use of Ambient Sound

Hey John, great work on this song. At first I was dubious about the genre of video game; but after listening to it a few times I realised that this reminded of two distinctly dark and disturbing games: American McGee's Alice and Planescape: Torment.

The vocals were very creatively layered and the piano was placed perfectly in the song to evoke a whats-going-happen-next atmosphere. Ill be rating and reviewing the rest of your songs, but for now you get a 5. Woo!

JohnFloyd responds:

Thanks for the comment! I wrote this for a theoretical video game, so I figured that's the genre where it belonged. It's not really "easy-listening"... ;D

Sweet and Juicy

Hey Denvish,

I really liked this piece. It sounded warm and bright with a good range of sounds included. For some reason, it reminded me inexplicably of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Are you a fingerpicker? The only suggestion I would have is to try and reduce the overall reverb of the song, as it causes the sound to become slightly muddled during the more intricate parts. However, I suspect this is an affectation of your recording process, was it a miced amp from an electroacoustic or just a mic pointed at your guitar? Excellent job my friend, and thanks for the listen.


Santa and the Dark Clowns

Hey Khuskan,

What a sumptuous song, very Christmas-esque and bright. I must agree with WinterWind though, it seemed like you had a couple of discordant notes chucked in there. However, if you were going for the "Happy Christmas with slight tinge of Evil Circus", then it fits the bill perfectly. Good choice of instruments as well mate. Nice one.


Khuskan responds:

Excellent, now all i need is an evil circus christmas flash and my job will be made :o

Very interesting

Hey Diabolo-ical,

Nice tune; quite creative and much better than the other "chopped up Windows SFX" songs Ive heard. I would much prefer this to the real Windows shut down. I'll 5 it up to the max, my friend.


Diabolo-ical responds:

I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the kind words and high rating dude.

That is all.

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