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Sweet and Succulent

Aloha this song is so damn uplifting...its like being wrapped in a velvet towel by the daughter of Santa and Sleeping Beauty.

Its a great chord progression; at first I thought it would get slightly tiresome but as soon as the piano melody comes in at about 0:26 I knew I was in for a good one. The choice of instruments is very suitable for this piece: I enjoyed the flute a lot (what sample do you use ffs?? Its awesome! Im stuck with Edirol...)

At 1:42 you do a good job of introducing the concept of anything other than happiness in a relationship, in this case I hear melancholy for a few bars. Well done.

This song has character, progression and emotion and I like to listen to it on repeat. The only thing I hear each time that catches my ear sideways is the silence at 0:42, I think it might be about 1 second too long. Also, though I said earlier the chord progression doesnt get tiresome I do feel like it could have been altered somehow after the melancholy stage...possibly moving the entire progression up 1 tone? Hmm that might take some fiddling but its hard to put into text...

In any case I really enjoyed listening to this one (even though it had no single-malt guitar :D!) and Im sure the judges will too. Great work.

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review, Currie! I'll be giving your other song a more proper listen so I can drop you a review there. I agree that the silence may be a bit long. I'll see what happens if I put it back a bar. I did want to try to get the point across that you're embarassed and wondering if she actually looked at you - sorta haha. Either way I'll try it out and see what happens.

Hmm, about moving it up a tone, I'm not positive that it would work. I can see what you mean by making it even more uplifting with that, but I don't know that I can make the transition work very smoothly. I'll fiddle with it though, to see what happens.

About the samples, I use EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold. It's pretty expensive but man was it worth it. I got a deal (it might be still active) to buy that with StormDrum 2 (epic film oriented percussion pack) for only about $700. Lots of mulah right there, but without the deal I would have dropped about $1200. It would have been worth that much but I am happy I got a deal haha.

With that sample pack, there's so many different articulations and different samples of each instrument. I mean for flutes alone theres 3 flutes with all kind of articulations (legato, staccato, effects). and there's also a solo flute with the same and then even a piccolo flute. The best part about this is the key switches (other sample packs may include this, but I'm not positive). Basically you have all the samples for an instrument loaded onto your keyboard. But then on the left side of the keyboard you can switch articulations by playing a lower key (like G-1 for example). Basically it gives you the ability to play live with any instrument and really express a hell of a lot of feeling. It's very easy with this sample pack to trick people into thinking that the song was actually recorded with an orchestra.

Okay, wow I sound like I'm advertising for EastWest now haha. It's definitely good man, I would recommend to take a look into that when you are looking to drop money into another sample pack.

Thanks again for the review!


PS - I had guitar in it but decided it didn't fit with the rest of the quality of the song. I'm going to have to figure out how to make my recordings a bit better - all of them sound a bit tinny. I might try putting my acoustic through the amp and then sitting the mic next to it...hmm...


Interesting recording this. I can see where you are going and the tune youre aiming for but I think the mic is letting you down. Did you record this with the built -in mic of a Mac or something?

It needs a little compression on the tracks as well as some EQing to try and cut out the occassional harsh buzz. Also it would be nice if the rhythm guitar was played with fingers (or less harshly if youre already doing that) to give it a smoother toner. It would contrast better with the solo guitar then.

Anyway this song is definitely worth a listen and with a little effort this track could be awesome. Good stuff.

Boux responds:

this is a build in mic in a mac like you say so the quality of sound wont be very high, and i never played with a pick since i started. anyways thanks for the nice review ill work on that EQing, have a listen to my other work too if you like.


Sweet one

Yo I dont really listen to too much music like this but I enjoyed this song. The bassline is very driving and has some great filtering. The choppy strings also give nice accents throughout. When the melody comes in at 1:20 it feels very satisfying...I guess thats why the chick gives a little "oh...".

Again at 3:22...very pleasing sound as the beats all come back in together. Nice samples, nice production, nice arrangement. I like it! Good work 5/5.

DeltaFlow responds:

Thanks for the in-depth review!

Absolutely Brilliant

Yo Soro,

This song is really fun to listen to. Amusing lyrics, driving drums, chunky guitar and good choice of samples really make this song stand out. Not to mention the guitar solo :P tasty. I also like the composition and arrangement; each part is different but they flow together well.

I agree somewhat with Blackattackbitch that the guitar didnt stand out as much during the orchestral interlude but if you didnt want it to then its fine. The end was a slight disappointing as I was thinking about another epic guitar solo fading out; but its funny so I guess that makes up for it somewhat.

Anyway really superb job Ill be downloading this one. Good luck for the VaLOLtines competition I think this is a very strong contender for first!

sorohanro responds:

I'll send this track to Eurovision together with a link to the penicorn threads :))

Good Stuff

Very soothing and calming song. Does indeed reminding me of sitting on my balcony early in on a cold, dark morning. Good use of samples, except I found the alto sax (if thats what it was) a little too piercing; it could be turned down a wee bit.

Also very fitting choice of chords, the constant alternatation between mostly major and a touch of minor makes me imagine thinking "holy shit im cold, but the stars are awesome but holy shit im cold, but seriously the stars are awesome".

Great work 5/5.

Chinashima responds:

Thanks :D It was a tenor sax and yeah I agree it's a bit loud :P I had some other instruments playing during that part and they kinda drowned it out. I later removed em and I guess I forgot to turn it down lol. Thanks for the rating and review :)

Awesome in my socks

Yo Darkside,

This wee loop is great, it packs a lot of punch into 25 secs! All the samples are crisp and the riffage is excellent as usual. I am digging the middle eastern flavoured solo line there as well as the intro drum fill. Nice one I will download that to have an insane 25 sec interlude hidden on shuffle...fünf/fünf

Good Stuff

Good play with the Tetris tune, the addition of the Mario SFX (and Street Fighter?) were fun as well. I tend to think remixes of original songs are dodging the challenge a bit as you only really have to think of arrangement and whatever else you want to add on to the original melody. But your arrangement and additions worked well and it was fun to listen to.

The one thing I would say is that your break at 1:50 is clipping pretty noticeably. Got a 4 from me for this one, now Im going to see if you have any original stuff of your own ;).

Crim responds:

thanks for the critique.
i only every do original beats - you can find the rest on my profile - but when i came across the tetris soundtrack on youtube i realised how badass this would sound if i dubplated it. so here it is haha


Yo there I really enjoyed listening to this song; particularly the intro. I wish that there was a reappearance of the bongos later on! I dont usually listen to music of this type but this one had a good groove and satisfying melody lines. I think the quality is still quite good indeed, Im not sure how far you had to lower the bitrate from optimum.

The "let me hear some noise" was a bit cheesy for my taste but I guess that goes with the genre (is it? I have no idea tbh Im talking out my arse). Anyway nice work on this track it deserves a 5 I reckon.

What the

Somehow this sounds exactly like a garlic pancake tastes. Pretty amusing song but your kick drum is clipping which got old pretty fast when listening on headphones. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster this song was short...still made me laugh guiltily though. 3/5

Good stuff

Hey there I really enjoyed listening to this song. I do hear 3 or 4 separate chord progressions throughout but I think they have been put together so they dont jar your ears. I liked the bit around 1:50 when the drums are cut out with a short partial piano scale, its a good touch. I can definitely see this as being a song for a game menu; nice work on looping it.

The percussion is interesting as well but could possibly use a little variance on the samples used in key places (or a bit of well placed filtering?). It might even sound interesting to change the beat to a slow more traditional groove just after the 1:50-2:20 part. That might give it a little more interlude flavour and break up the rhythm into more distinct pieces in the song. If you choose to change the song or not it sounds great as it is now, excellent job. Hope the scholarship application is succussful!

SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Oh cool, nice to hear you liked certain parts of the song.

Thanks for the insight on the drums. I'm getting the variation part a lot, so maybe I'll look into it.

Thanks for the review!

That is all.

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