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Pretty damn awesome

DarKsidE this is a pretty fucking cool tune. I particularly like the sweet riff at 0:38 it kicked my ass. Its too bad you dont have a real drummer mate as I think this would suit it. Im certainly not one to comment on drum programming as Im really bad at it.

I also thought the outro was sweet, a little distortion with a phaser was it?

Tasty, delicious, meaty goodness right there.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Hey man, thanks a bunch. Yeah, seems like 0:38 does it for some people. :)

I like that part myself. I should make an extended version just with that chuggy riff. lol

Well, actually a good friend of mine is a drummer, he plays in my band, but were not hocking up at home because...well, he has no equipment for recording. ;)

Yes, outro was distortion spiced with some phaser. ^^

Glad you enjoyed man! Keep in touch!

Certainly a cold song!

Chilllllled out song. Its very relaxing and reminds me of floating around in a cave filled with water. Thats right. Probably with bat guano and spiders and slime. SLIME!

Anyway, I really think that the drums in this are great, you shall have to show me a few tricks in programming drums. Dunno if you noticed that most of my songs dont really have much drum beat? its because I suck at them. Badly.

There was a little more sumptuous wailing guitar to add some shimmer at the end! Very nice tune mate.

pitbulljones responds:

yea it is a chilling songaint it (cold lol)

so you spend alot oftime in caves floating eh? cool. The drums again are done in fruity loops, my approach is to tend to layer it, first i drop the kick in export that as a wav. then the snare, then the rides and hats. gives a lot of freedom as to levls and panning. just takes a lil practice and you'll get some good beats going.

again guitars reversed, i tend to do alot of reversing and delaying in my tunes, it's almost beginning to be a tradmaek.

thanks for the review, mushc appreiciated.

Nice style on this tune

I like this tune a lot, its simple but effective. I particularly enjoyed the effecting guitar (I assume?) in the left channel wailing quietly away through parts of the song. When it built to the crescendo it sounded great but I think it was marred slightly by the MIDI-ish drum crashes...Im sure it would sound extremely sweet with a live kit! Very nice job :)

pitbulljones responds:

Cheers curriemaster for the review.glad you liked it, it's a really simple song, basically i just play the d string on the 12th fret with an open g and b, move to the 10th fret, then 3rd 2nd and open. really simple riff, but it's effective. the drums were done in fruityloops, and yea the crash is crap, but the over spill to much so i had to compromise, the twoguitar effects are really simple too, ones a tremolo type effect with chorus and delay that i reversed, the second i just a plain distort, reversed and delayed again.

Ive done this live with me drummer who's shit hot and it sounds a tonne better. Thanks for the review.


Hey MHB,

Pretty rockin' tune there, Im enjoying listen to it as I type. Very tight and rhythmic guitar that has a very fitting level of distortion. Did I hear a couple of pinch harmonics in there? I also loved the fade out at the end, it reminds me of Back to the Future for some reason. Tasty.

Tra la la la la la....5/5.

mhb responds:

thanks man! yeah there's some pinched harmonics in there but there's a funny story about those ones, i wasn't tryin' ta get any pinched harmonics in the rhythm guitar part but no matter what i did i just ended up plaiyn' it that way so i said fuck it i'll throw 'em in where i think they'd be ok and then just leave whatever ones happen naturally. glad ya liked it and thanks for the fi5en!

Unique but requires a bit of rethinking...

Hey there,

Interesting song, I can certainly imagine this being a gameboy song with a drum beat added. Interesting drum beat, though your song doesn't have much in the way of growth or evolution. You double the melody line and add that percussive beep which keeps the listener's attention; but I thought it should be accompanied by a tonal rhythm or bassline.

Also, trying layering one or two more instruments on top, you would be amazed at how much better it sounds just to have an instrument playing a root note every so often. Its a unique song, but lacks a few key aspects to hold the listener's attention. Keep going mate!


begforflash1 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, I was going fro an uplifting sort of simple funky groove..I'm still kind of a noob, but thanks for the ideas

Alien Engagement?


Very cool song, it gives a real sense of foreboding...and the vocal effects are great. I imagine this song to be played during the landing of alien invaders about to fuck Earth up to the max. Those vocals sounds just like an alien language at some points.


speedmetalmessiah responds:

Thanks a lot man for the review man I agree about the aliens thing this song would it quite well. Yeah the vocals are awesome on this one Ken did a fucking great job with them.



This song kicked me in the ass. Very frantic and fast-paced, I think its great! The drop downs with the drums were perfectly done...this reminded me a lot of LTJ Bukem.

This strings sounded sweet with that stuttered synth as well, I dont know what that guy was talking about that reviewed before moi...

Sweet job dude :)

PERVOK responds:

Ah, i shuold be thanking YOU for advertising in the audiogrounds...ive been listening to your music a lot (thus the strings).

Thanks for the review!

Hit 999!

Hey FM,

Just gave you your 999 download, and Im enjoying the song. Some fine guitaring from SMM as well; I like it. Hope the world of platinum suits you, don't look down on us commoners! ;)

Nice job man.

FlameMesial responds:

Thanks for the 999th download man, well appreciated.

Yes, every solo credit must go to speedmetal because he kicks so much fucking ass at guitar, much better than I am.

Cheers dood.

Funny fanny.

Classic clubby track with some sweet thumping bass, and some nice drop-outs. I like it, it makes my fanny feel funny.


A Quality Chill

This song would be excellent as the menu music for a gory first person shooter I think. It has the ambient quality necessary to have it on a loop for a long time, but it doesnt keep grabbing your attention away; as the guy who posted before me has attested. Personally, it reminds me a bit of some of the music in Red Alert 1 & 2, which is definitely a good thing. Keep it up mate!


Metalcan responds:

Thanks man! I remember that Red Alert music, it was cool.

That is all.

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