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Syncopation youre my only friend

Cool track, I can see what youre saying about the cymbal velocity but its not really that noticeable (I was listening for it after reading your comments:P). Unusual drum beat and a fat bass sound good together I like it. And the lyrics at the start of the song: a good dose of self-deprecation is always a good thing so youve bumped yourself from a 9 to 10 ;) Good work

Nice percussion

I like the percussion in this a lot, it would definitely fit a battle scene in a film or game. With a little effort it could be made to loop as well. There is a chord change at about 38 secs that sounds slightly muddy though, like your bass and strings out slightly out of sync. As you say it is just a fragment but it shows potential...good work.

Jessismith responds:

Thank you, curriemaster.
I'm glad people seem to like the percussion a lot, since it was sort of a quickie simple beat. Sorry about the muddiness of the chord changes. That'll be really hard to fix too, since I'm making this with loops I had pre-recorded before putting all of this together..:P I tried to drown some of that out with a low, constant noise.....it didn't work too well. Hopefully, eventually I'll get it sounding better.


I liked the start of this song a lot, it gives a real feeling tension and the piano in particular sounds really eerie. The glitch also sounded pretty cool but my ears got a bit tired of them after a minute or so. At around 2:30 I was hoping something new would happen like a pitch change of the original bass tone.

So, cool work but for me it was a little bit long and lacking in development towards the end. Still gets a four though wooooooo nice one.


I really like this song a lot, the start is cool and throughout the song is really different...the word unorthodox comes to mind. It reminds me a bit of Smashing Pumpkins actually. Nice crisp instrumentation and good quality on the vocal recordings as well which is great.

The part at around 2:16 is a bit crazy with that whiny synth but it just makes the acoustic sound sweeter when it starts. And then it sounds like Radiohead :P.

Really nice job Ive downloaded it to listen to at work.

soulofbass responds:

awesome, i'm glad you like this song, it's one of my favs, thanks for the great review


Aloha JP

This is pretty epic! Ive listened to itt about 3 times through now and its great, about 3 songs rolled into one. I personally enjoy from about 4:25 onwards the best with the dulcimer sound and the big gating fun at about 5:12 followed by the "welcome, we have been expecting youuuuuuu", then some groovy time finished off with some 8-bit esque material.

Really good work, Im pleased I saw this on the front page even though my review is shite. I usually try and think of something that could be done to improve a song but ffs I cant on this one so Ill just say fuck you for not being able to submit much anymore! :(

This is the longest Jesus I have ever heard.

You dont need more 5s so I zeroed this bad boy....

I joke! lolz. 5/5



It seems we have both taken a "small" hiatus. I have always really enjoyed listening to your music, so I felt it was necessary to come listen to any of your new tracks; and I have to say I thought this song was great. Really smooth and soothing, but the way it was mixed and recorded with that rough edge still gives it a "I'm just fucking around for a few minutes and this is what I made" kind of feel. I like it a lot.

Hope to hear more from you man, maybe you will inspire me to make something new.

Good luck,

WinTang responds:

More proof of the hiatus in that I respond almost 6 full months late. Sorry man, I want to cherish the people who give a crap about my music. I've always enjoyed your stuff a lot as well so I hope your inspiration will be restored soon if it isn't already. If it isn't, don't be ashamed or anything. It'll always come back if you're really serious about it and I believe you are. Cheers mate.


This song is win, Ive listened to it three times looped while sitting here at work. The oscillating detuning effect you have on the lead synth is really cool. Also there is fat, fat bass.

As my daddy always used to say: the fatter the better son, the fatter the better.

dix/dix cinco/cinco

PERVOK responds:

Your dad's a walking genius.

There's a train driving over my head!

Neato starting sample. It morphs from sounding like a train going post to some weird tribal drums in the distance.

The strings and pad have a nice high quality sound, but I think they could be panned around a bit to suit the "train going past" sound a bit better and create some crazyass aural soundscape. I like the weird chords used as well, very dark and unsettling.

You must have noticed that I love using glockenspiels/bells in my songs, so I was very pleased to hear you using some.

Just looped again...

The strings come in a bit harshly I think, but you completely forget about that once it gets going. You could maybe start the strings on a lower octave and move slowly up to where you are now to allow it to blend with the "train" sound a bit more.

The bells! They inexplicably remind me of the film "Saw", creepy and unnerving. I really enjoyed listening to this song, it inspires a lot of different thoughts and feelings; which for me is the main reason for listening to music!

Awesome Fünf/Fünf.

pitbulljones responds:

yo thanks very much for the review man. That opening synth is supposed to sound like bombs or somehting, just an atmos synth, helps portray a mood though.

The strings were a case of trial and eror, finding weird progressions and stuff, works well for this. i don't know why sometimes things cut in too harshly, i have an inkling it's to do with my limiter of compression i really have to spend more time doing shit like that.

thanks vey much again and i'm glad you enjoyed the piece.


Asploding with teh Joy

Yo Pitters,

Sorry I haven't reviewed you yet, I've been a lazy son of a biznatch. This song is pretty stylish I must say, it evokes an "everything is getting better in the world" type of feeling. Definitely something for any flash that contains a "ultimate redemption of the hero" plot line.

I did think the overall sound was quite subdued and muddy, there is not much that rears its head above the gentle lapping sonic waves (there is a guitar picking chords that sounds really cool though at one point). However, I think that makes it particularly suited for a soundtrack as it is unintrusive yet mood changing.

It would be nice if the piano had a little sustain on it in some places. Also, you should try alternating the cello/contrabass note with the same note an octave lower. You'd be surprised how much it fills out the bass and gives some flavour.

All in all a really excellent song, the chords chosen and the instrumentation are very well chosen.


pitbulljones responds:

yo curriemaster. how do? like this would ever get seen in a flash, it's me lol, but it does have that soundtrack feel to it, i agree.

Yea KB pointed out this middle feel, must be the eq, i'll have to attend to that. The piano choice is actually very soft tho and not meant to be very cutting which is where this distinction may be coming from i dunno.

I may have to try the alternating the bass notes and shit, i just tend to forget these things, a probelm that i have is once i get near a full piece i'll tend to forget the niceties that would really push the track up.

Oh well, thank you very much.


l;et me know when you have owt up.


Hey FoD as I said Im not much of a techno fan but this is a nice tune, the instruments are well chosen and the mix is done nicely. Good layering at the end as well, the fade out is cool.

Good buildup at the start, though I thought it was drawn out a bit too much. Nice tune anyway, keep it coming!


Father-of-Death responds:

we!!! thanks!

That is all.

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