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Ladies and Gentlemen...

FoD this is properly crazy, but it still made me laugh. Did you take some magic mushrooms or something before making this??

For rizzle!


Father-of-Death responds:

hello my scotish freind!!!

thanks for the reiew and i am ashemd of this song now... bleh! i dont think its funny anymore :(

maybe time for a new funny track...

Hells yeah!

Mr. WinTang,

I didn't know that you could fingerpick so well! I myself am a fingerstyle guitarist and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this. The thumb notes were very well placed, and the finger notes give a playful yet dark feel to the whole song. I particularly enjoyed how your changed your metre near the end of the song to suit your chords. Magic!

Honestly, WinTang there have been very few NG audio submissions that I have enjoyed as much as this. I'd rate you a 6 if I could, but I look forward to hearing more of this from you.

By the way, are you going Pinkpop in Landgraaf? Im a big Smashing Pumpkins fan so I might see you there :P. Keep it up big man, Ill look out for your next piece.

WinTang responds:

Wow, that was heartwarming really, I'd love to hear a fingerstyle thing out of you.

No Pinkpop for me this year, regrettably. Hope you have fun. The beer is fucking expensive and mixed with water, which has the severe side-effect of toilet intoxication.

You can still sell the tickets on E-bay though. Hehehehe.

Seriously though, thanks for the love there. I'll make sure to visit your page when I can spare some good time.

Oh shit they're coming to get me!


Nice song here, very relaxing; a gentle mood setter. I must say that I kinda like the drums they way they are, it adds a unique touch to the song. I envision laying on a tropical island beach watching a meteor shower whilst some natives bang their drums on the other side of the hill in preparation for a human sacrifice. But that's just me :P.

Keep it up mate.

No kidding!

That is pretty damn intense. Nice layering of instruments though and I enjoyed the eclectic percussion; it sounds pretty cool with the other instruments you've chosen. I can imagine this as a boss fight on some top down scrolling space arcade because it makes you want to shit your pants a wee bit. "Sharting" I think is the technical term :P.

Nice work chief.

attemptedperfection responds:

hmm... now I'm wishing I had named it "top-down-scrolling-space-arcade-boss-battle"... would've probably gotten me more downloads than '''3:00''' XD
thanks for the review!

Hard Corpse!

Hehe nice wee tune here, I can imagine sitting in the room while you record this would rock quite a lot!

Maybe it was the final mixing or maybe it was original recording but the overall feel was a but muddy. You got a sweet sounding crunch when strumming the lower strings but it seemed to lack a high end a little bit, except for that cool pick scrape (or was it just some fast alternate picking?)!

However, these are just recording points, the actual song rocked! 5/5


DarKsidE555 responds:

Yeah, it's pretty muddy indeed and it pisses me off. Getting some new equipment the next time though...so maybe this problem will be solved then. ^^

And yes, it was just some fast alternate picking.

Thanks for checking it out man!

So Metal You Must Be Iron Man

Hey DarKsidE,

This tune kicks ass, I was enjoying the heavy speed picking, the notes sound very clear and distinct; did you practice this for a while or do you just kick bottom?

I do agree with speedmetalmessiah a bit with the drums not being a bit more present. It sounds to me like they have been compressed too much though and the rides and crashes come out more because of their higher freq.

But thats a minor issue, the guitar is some serious sexy right there. Good job man, I look forward to your next track as always!


DarKsidE555 responds:

I usually practice before hitting shit. It's easier to record then. Yeah, drums are always my problem...maybe not anymore pretty soon. hehe. :)

Thanks for review man! Keep in touch! ;)

A fantastic surprise.

Hey mate thanks for your review! This song is pretty awesome, I like how it instantly grabs your attention with the loud chord. The samples you use are all of very high quality and I like the automation you've used on the bass. You have obviously taken a lot of care in writing this. I enjoyed the vocal scratching in particular with the fat bass underneath. I would suggest doing something slightly different at the end, as it is now it builds up and builds up then just kind of peeters out to close. I would either end it slightly earlier in the song or maybe add some of those pad instruments from the quiet part in to add a more closing feel. But that is, as you say, a minor point :). Very well done man; I was pleasantly surprised.

Interesting and Subtle

Hey Awfullypretty,

Im really enjoying this song, I like how much of the song is just drums, vocals and piano. It stays simple and clean sounding and provides a nice contrast when the guitar kicks in.

One thing I would suggest is to change the pan values on the two different voices slightly. At the moment it sounds like voice 1 (the one that sings all of the words) is panned to the left and voice 2 (the one singing only some words to provide accent) is panned in the centre. I would suggest swapping the pan values so that voice 1 is centred and voice 2 is left. You could also add another accent vocal and pan it to the right.

Otherwise a nice relaxing song. Nice work, it deserves a 5 I think.

Awfullypretty responds:

Thanks dude....yeah i did all the vocals over but i left that up here jst for the flash makers to use im a big fan of the flashes, and im gonna make sure to check out ur stuff


...that sounds fucking sweet.

I really like the deep, heavy crunching rhythm this song has to it, its complement very well by the discordant lead guitar. I also thought the short sharp strokes on the lead added a nice percussive quality that offset the drums brilliantly.

Are those some pinch harmonics my poor metal-deprived ears hear? Sumptuous :D.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Sry for the late reply. ^^
Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, you heard right, there were pinch harmonics in it. I love playing those babys. The drums are by speedmetalmessiah and I have to say he did a pretty good job on it!!

Thanks for the review! :)

Cabbage Patch Bitches

I laughed out loud a wee bit at the intro, its great. Nice lead guitar as well, too bad its so short!

The drums in this were much less intrusive than in Chaos, I liked how the guitar shone through a bit more.

Youve certainly got some talent on the guitar man, I assume you play in a band(s)?


5 for ya (5 for chaos as well I forgot to say)

DarKsidE555 responds:

LoL, thanks man.

Yes, I play in one band. I played in a second one too but thats history. ;)

Yeah, I just got new samples on this tune and didn't spiced them up much as in chaos. None the less I think they fit pretty well that way. ^^

Thanks for the compliment, review and so on! ;)

That is all.

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